Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toyota Prius GEN-3 2009

Green Better Living sangat pantas dibawa oleh Toyota Prius GEN-3.With the support of a gasoline engine technology and an electric motor that can work on their own.

Remembered with this song,
Heal the world, make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race ..
(Heal The World, by Michael Jackson).

If you had read some discussion about the Honda CR-ZEX testing in some mass media, explained how the system Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) adopted EX CR-Z could boost the gasoline engine to achieve optimal working system.
On the one hand, it bears the role of the electric motor is also capable of making the CR-Z lethal conventional engine, when the brake pedal is stepped on or at low speeds.

Atkinson Cycle engine.
But different things can we see in the Toyota Prius Gen-3. Prime mover (engine) used Prius, works with called the Atkinson cycle, where a conventional gasoline engine, use the Otto cycle system. With the Atkinson cycle, the engine works more efficiently and also lower carbon dioxide emissions. But incredibly, the Atkinson cycle is combined with the VVT-i technology, with the construction of the machine is not as complicated as the original Atkinson.

Interestingly, electric motors with full power, could become its own power source when the Prius began to drive up to speeds of 60 km / hour. Not surprisingly, given the power of electric motors up to 80 HP. In effect, the efficiency of materials bakarpun be significant, because the use of gasoline engines can be eliminated to the fullest.
Toyota Prius could be said to be a pioneer of fully hybrid car.

Regenerative Braking System.
Being one of the things that pinned the Prius to do to the battery charging (recharging). Where CHG logo will appear on the speedometer panel to show the battery charging process when the gas is released.
If the brake pedal is pressed, the battery charging line will move more quickly, indicating the battery is no longer burdened to run an electric motor.

Interior Lay Out Design.
Frankly, lay out the interior design futuristic Prius impressed. The existence of high-console box, dashboard design and placement of large buttons, it displays the impression of hi-tech. Panel information vehicle functions, all gathered in the middle and easily monitored.

Place seat.
Meanwhile, the seat feels comfortable enough fun when occupied. The dimensions of the steering wheel is quite small, enough to make the Prius feels sporty, let alone maneuver a fairly good stability and support character sporty suspension makes the Prius have the impression like high performance cars.

Features Machine.
Type: 2ZR-FXE 4-cylinder dual VVT-i.
Capacity: 1.797.
Fuel system: EFI.
Power (HP / RPM): 98 / 5.200
Torque: (Nm / rpm): 142 / 4.000