Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daihatsu Tanto Custom A/T 2011

KEI Super Car. Daihatsu Tanto Custom A/T 2011
No narrow cabin, features a mediocre and slow performance.

Kei car is a car engine under the 1.000 cc.
Do not see the tiny shape, because in fact it offers something more. Forget the cramped cabin, upakan fitru a mediocre performance and forget the slow, since it can be found in the Tanto.

See the lay out, almost total box with a high roof. Sweetener on a nut in a crosswise on the sides of the body. Vent in front of a large, but added with a fog lamp attractive.
There are differences in the mechanism of opening the door midway between the two sides. When the right door is opened manually, but on the left there is the electric sliding door and pillar negate B. Especially with a flat deck and low, helping small children, the elderly and women who wear skirts into the cabin.

Tanto offers spacious cabin, large enough so that leg room. High roof makes headroom super relieved. Some of the interior is coated with wood panels.
MOMO steering wheel put on aftermarket products with a roomy wooden floors. Tersimak modern dashboard with indicators in the middle.
Rear row of seats can be folded flat to the floor. Front seat itself could function as a table, which can advance and retreat. Too many pockets of available in the cabin, which could function as the storage of small trinkets.

With a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 658 cc, Tanto have enough energy to carry on the move in the city. No symptoms of stuttering in the acceleration and the calculated rate for the size of a small engine automatic transmission. However, although several options are provided MoUs transmissions, almost no different impresinya.

Unfortunately, the engine noise is quite audible in the cabin,. But if paid with a much suspension travel, which is quite moderate for the hollow road. This coupled with good handling with a small turning radius.


Type: KF-VE DOHC 3 Cylinder.
Capacity: 658 cc.
The number of valves: 12.
Power (HP / RPM): 58 / 7.200
Torque (Nm / RPM): 65 / 4.000

Transmission: 4-speed A / T.
Steering: Rack and pinion.