Friday, September 23, 2011

BMW 1 M Coupe 2011

Baby M3 which is positioned in between the 135i Coupe and the M3 series.
For enthusiasts of BMW M series, BMW has officially present a M Coupe.

The arrival of the newly introduced variants, including something special. Meanwhile, BMW 1 M Coupe 2011 in Indonesia had invaded the SPK as many as 30 units and this car is one of the long-awaited presence, considering this is the smallest series of powerful family of M specification.

BMW M Coupe uses a line 6-cylinder engine twin turbo 3000 cc, which can be blown powernya 340 HP with torque of 450 Nm is already starting to feel at 1.500 RPM.
So no wonder, he could record the time of 4.9 seconds to a speed of 100 km / h from rest (the claim). This figure is even only 0.1 seconds different from the M3's brother, a larger-powered, 80 HP.

Support Manual Transmission.
Powered 6-speed manual transmission, 1 M also has a body construction that uses aluminum as well as treats 50:50 weight distribution. This concept not only makes it more stable to maneuver, but also have little power to weight ratio or below 5 kilo gram to a power horse.

Meanwhile, the sector also worked perfect control of the division of M. Looking at the specifications, 1 M Coupe is equipped with a distance of a foot wider than a regular series.
There is a difference of about 71 mm in front and 44 mm at the rear wheels. His legs supported by the M3-style reliability, such as the suspension and disc brakes.

Despite a series coupe is rated M affixes, but not necessarily he called the M1, as well as M3 and M5.
In addition to BMW's own variant of the legendary M1 sports car, this naming will also be related to the recent naming of the method of division M of BMW cars.