Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lotus New Elise SCMT 2011

Elise Gone Wild, and now, she 's got a new plastic surgey?.

New Elise Stay Beautiful.
She must be beautiful even without makeup. Of all the sports car, there's nothing like the Elise. 1.796 cc engine capacity only coded endorsement Toyota 2ZZ-GE. Same with the kitchen's runway Celica SS-II. But the engine added a supercharger and the results Elise has a power of 218 HP is achieved at 8.000 engine speed with maximum torque of 211 Nm at 5.000 RPM.

New Elise is a true sports car, with a minimal element of comfort.
How difficult it into the cabin minimalist, the characters are stiff suspension, seated driving position is very low and no redundant safety features. Only the skill pengemudilah which plays a role.

Both models adopt the bucket seats.
Yup bucket. Surely no reclining feature, only back and forth. Not equipped with a tiny steering wheel tilt and telescopic. The position of the foot while driving, you could say almost straight to the deck.

Clutch pedal feels quite heavy when stepped on.
But it's so energy can be channeled properly to the rear wheels. Super charger on a new full-up engine rev 4.000. And New Elise is still comfortable to use on the condition of stop and go in the city.

Is a sensation when he heard the engine screaming up to 9.000 RPM.
Comparison with the direction of wheel rotation turns the wheel, can be said to have a ratio of almost 1:1. For the first time tried to Elise, may feel a bit strange with this composition.
In effect, the Elise can quickly respond to changes in the desired path.

Center of Gravity Low.
Creating a fairly good handling and stability. Whereas the center of gravity like this, would be more comfortable if the character is not too stiff suspension. But New Elise Elise New fixed. And at his age are more mature, she looks more beautiful and tempting.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toyota Prius GEN-3 2009

Green Better Living sangat pantas dibawa oleh Toyota Prius GEN-3.With the support of a gasoline engine technology and an electric motor that can work on their own.

Remembered with this song,
Heal the world, make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race ..
(Heal The World, by Michael Jackson).

If you had read some discussion about the Honda CR-ZEX testing in some mass media, explained how the system Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) adopted EX CR-Z could boost the gasoline engine to achieve optimal working system.
On the one hand, it bears the role of the electric motor is also capable of making the CR-Z lethal conventional engine, when the brake pedal is stepped on or at low speeds.

Atkinson Cycle engine.
But different things can we see in the Toyota Prius Gen-3. Prime mover (engine) used Prius, works with called the Atkinson cycle, where a conventional gasoline engine, use the Otto cycle system. With the Atkinson cycle, the engine works more efficiently and also lower carbon dioxide emissions. But incredibly, the Atkinson cycle is combined with the VVT-i technology, with the construction of the machine is not as complicated as the original Atkinson.

Interestingly, electric motors with full power, could become its own power source when the Prius began to drive up to speeds of 60 km / hour. Not surprisingly, given the power of electric motors up to 80 HP. In effect, the efficiency of materials bakarpun be significant, because the use of gasoline engines can be eliminated to the fullest.
Toyota Prius could be said to be a pioneer of fully hybrid car.

Regenerative Braking System.
Being one of the things that pinned the Prius to do to the battery charging (recharging). Where CHG logo will appear on the speedometer panel to show the battery charging process when the gas is released.
If the brake pedal is pressed, the battery charging line will move more quickly, indicating the battery is no longer burdened to run an electric motor.

Interior Lay Out Design.
Frankly, lay out the interior design futuristic Prius impressed. The existence of high-console box, dashboard design and placement of large buttons, it displays the impression of hi-tech. Panel information vehicle functions, all gathered in the middle and easily monitored.

Place seat.
Meanwhile, the seat feels comfortable enough fun when occupied. The dimensions of the steering wheel is quite small, enough to make the Prius feels sporty, let alone maneuver a fairly good stability and support character sporty suspension makes the Prius have the impression like high performance cars.

Features Machine.
Type: 2ZR-FXE 4-cylinder dual VVT-i.
Capacity: 1.797.
Fuel system: EFI.
Power (HP / RPM): 98 / 5.200
Torque: (Nm / rpm): 142 / 4.000

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daihatsu Tanto Custom A/T 2011

KEI Super Car. Daihatsu Tanto Custom A/T 2011
No narrow cabin, features a mediocre and slow performance.

Kei car is a car engine under the 1.000 cc.
Do not see the tiny shape, because in fact it offers something more. Forget the cramped cabin, upakan fitru a mediocre performance and forget the slow, since it can be found in the Tanto.

See the lay out, almost total box with a high roof. Sweetener on a nut in a crosswise on the sides of the body. Vent in front of a large, but added with a fog lamp attractive.
There are differences in the mechanism of opening the door midway between the two sides. When the right door is opened manually, but on the left there is the electric sliding door and pillar negate B. Especially with a flat deck and low, helping small children, the elderly and women who wear skirts into the cabin.

Tanto offers spacious cabin, large enough so that leg room. High roof makes headroom super relieved. Some of the interior is coated with wood panels.
MOMO steering wheel put on aftermarket products with a roomy wooden floors. Tersimak modern dashboard with indicators in the middle.
Rear row of seats can be folded flat to the floor. Front seat itself could function as a table, which can advance and retreat. Too many pockets of available in the cabin, which could function as the storage of small trinkets.

With a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 658 cc, Tanto have enough energy to carry on the move in the city. No symptoms of stuttering in the acceleration and the calculated rate for the size of a small engine automatic transmission. However, although several options are provided MoUs transmissions, almost no different impresinya.

Unfortunately, the engine noise is quite audible in the cabin,. But if paid with a much suspension travel, which is quite moderate for the hollow road. This coupled with good handling with a small turning radius.


Type: KF-VE DOHC 3 Cylinder.
Capacity: 658 cc.
The number of valves: 12.
Power (HP / RPM): 58 / 7.200
Torque (Nm / RPM): 65 / 4.000

Transmission: 4-speed A / T.
Steering: Rack and pinion.

Friday, September 23, 2011

BMW 1 M Coupe 2011

Baby M3 which is positioned in between the 135i Coupe and the M3 series.
For enthusiasts of BMW M series, BMW has officially present a M Coupe.

The arrival of the newly introduced variants, including something special. Meanwhile, BMW 1 M Coupe 2011 in Indonesia had invaded the SPK as many as 30 units and this car is one of the long-awaited presence, considering this is the smallest series of powerful family of M specification.

BMW M Coupe uses a line 6-cylinder engine twin turbo 3000 cc, which can be blown powernya 340 HP with torque of 450 Nm is already starting to feel at 1.500 RPM.
So no wonder, he could record the time of 4.9 seconds to a speed of 100 km / h from rest (the claim). This figure is even only 0.1 seconds different from the M3's brother, a larger-powered, 80 HP.

Support Manual Transmission.
Powered 6-speed manual transmission, 1 M also has a body construction that uses aluminum as well as treats 50:50 weight distribution. This concept not only makes it more stable to maneuver, but also have little power to weight ratio or below 5 kilo gram to a power horse.

Meanwhile, the sector also worked perfect control of the division of M. Looking at the specifications, 1 M Coupe is equipped with a distance of a foot wider than a regular series.
There is a difference of about 71 mm in front and 44 mm at the rear wheels. His legs supported by the M3-style reliability, such as the suspension and disc brakes.

Despite a series coupe is rated M affixes, but not necessarily he called the M1, as well as M3 and M5.
In addition to BMW's own variant of the legendary M1 sports car, this naming will also be related to the recent naming of the method of division M of BMW cars.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Value-Up Nissan New Grand Livina Facelift

Back is the New Beige

Finally in 2011, Nissan launched the Grand Livina Facelift despite the changes that occurred only a minor extent only.
Grand Livina is not long enough to change, about three years. And now comes the first in the Facelift version of the Grand Livina.

With fixed priority stylish design, comfort and frugal fuel consumption Grand Livina provides two choices of automatic and manual transmissions. There are also two new colors are dark, red, and white, found in variants of Highway Star. The selling price of around 170 million on the road.

Facelift on the new Nissan Grand Livina is more directed to minor change. Where changes occur only on the design front grille and a more attractive wheel designs are turned into double-spoke model. While on the interior, changes occur in the background the speedometer, which was originally black to white change, embracing the motto Back is the New Beige, interior color is replaced with a black color with a skin material to make it more elegant.

Audio sector is also a change, where the head unit 2DIN replaced with a single DIN head unit that is added to the console drawer underneath. These changes are not included down the spec, but the value-up to the consumer, because the audio feature to be more complete and drawers underneath the console are very helpful in terms of capacity constraints of storage of goods.

Single head unit is equipped with features to read MP3 and is ready to connect to the iPod. This is different from its predecessors head unit likely minimal.

Features in New Mazda2

The availability of SD Card slot and USB, allowing the head unit, which is owned car new Mazda2 is flexible access to data from other multimedia gadgets. Mazda's Smart Entertainment System comes with a remote control so that passengers could be able to freely access the back of selecting the desired audio format.

For the new Mazda2 type R, steering remote control can be used to operate the Mazda Smart Entertainment System.

New Mazda2 is equipped with sophisticated electronics equipment, including:

iPod Adapter.
One of the benchmark system in the advanced audi car today Adala in the presence of the iPod adapters. Where with this feature, you can connect your iPod as a music player, or even the Ipod into the new system Mazda2. That is, not only sophisticated, but also adds a collection of songs, movies or pictures that can be presented during the drive.

Bluetooth A2DP.
This feature allows you to connect the performance of hand-held or mobile phone with Mazda's Smart Entertainment System. Besides can be used to call with hands-free mode, this feature can also be used to play songs stored on the phone to the latest audio systems new Mazda2.

TV Tuner.
Television footage from the TV station you can also access the new Mazda2, simply by selecting this feature. So, you need not feel left out news hotline during the trip. In fact, you can also enjoy digital television features simply by upgrading.

Built-in Camera Parking.
Now do the reverse parking maneuvers become more secure. For the head unit will display conditions at the rear of the car via a screen with 800x480 resolution is clear from the cabin. So you do not have to bother to look back even in dark conditions though.

DVD palyer.
Watching movies in DVD format, also you can do in the new Mazda2. Because this format is also already integrated into the Mazda's latest Smart Entertainment System. Even as high-resolution screen, then the resulting picture is very clear.

Virtual CD.
Forget the Compact Disk, because you can put any format on the Virtual CD feature the latest new Mazda2. In fact, this feature can save format Compact Disk up to six of your favorite fruit. So just switch it, without have to bother with a physical compact disc.

More Stylish Sophisticated from Mazda

With Mazda's Smart Entertainment System flexible, communicative, safe and comfortable.

New Mazda2 is now not only more stylish, but also more sophisticated with new multimedia device that is integrated with the audio system. So from now on, you can forget about the limitations constraints connection with lifestyle gadgets which are hype. Because with the latest Mazda Smart Entertainment System, allowing the new Mazda2 hatchback and sedan, accommodates all connections to the system.

Material security and comfort of driving element, also not spared included. Some applications of this feature too, also support the concept of communicative scent that seemed to not want to be restricted during the process of driving. So features like an iPod adapter, Bluetooth A2DP, a built in parking camera, TV tuner, SD card slot, USB, virtual CD and DVD players are now part of the package sales of new Mazda2.

Mazda's Smart Entertainment System is also equipped with hardware specifications of the upper classes. Where supported by the high definition digital screen 800x480 resolution touch-screen HD TFT display that comes with it with the remote control to support a more flexible use.

Additional features optional upgrades such as the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), capable of monitoring the condition of all four tires (air pressure and temperature)) with an alarm indicator. Whereby when the pressure is reduced or more, will automatically pop up on the monitor out.

Not forgetting, for the sake of convenience on the road, the Mazda Smart Entertainment System has also been designed to run a feature Global Positioning System (GPS), by doing a little upgrade on his system.

So, not surprisingly, all this was not only able to make you more confident, but also increasingly hatch back style with this stylish and sophisticated.