Thursday, September 22, 2011

Features in New Mazda2

The availability of SD Card slot and USB, allowing the head unit, which is owned car new Mazda2 is flexible access to data from other multimedia gadgets. Mazda's Smart Entertainment System comes with a remote control so that passengers could be able to freely access the back of selecting the desired audio format.

For the new Mazda2 type R, steering remote control can be used to operate the Mazda Smart Entertainment System.

New Mazda2 is equipped with sophisticated electronics equipment, including:

iPod Adapter.
One of the benchmark system in the advanced audi car today Adala in the presence of the iPod adapters. Where with this feature, you can connect your iPod as a music player, or even the Ipod into the new system Mazda2. That is, not only sophisticated, but also adds a collection of songs, movies or pictures that can be presented during the drive.

Bluetooth A2DP.
This feature allows you to connect the performance of hand-held or mobile phone with Mazda's Smart Entertainment System. Besides can be used to call with hands-free mode, this feature can also be used to play songs stored on the phone to the latest audio systems new Mazda2.

TV Tuner.
Television footage from the TV station you can also access the new Mazda2, simply by selecting this feature. So, you need not feel left out news hotline during the trip. In fact, you can also enjoy digital television features simply by upgrading.

Built-in Camera Parking.
Now do the reverse parking maneuvers become more secure. For the head unit will display conditions at the rear of the car via a screen with 800x480 resolution is clear from the cabin. So you do not have to bother to look back even in dark conditions though.

DVD palyer.
Watching movies in DVD format, also you can do in the new Mazda2. Because this format is also already integrated into the Mazda's latest Smart Entertainment System. Even as high-resolution screen, then the resulting picture is very clear.

Virtual CD.
Forget the Compact Disk, because you can put any format on the Virtual CD feature the latest new Mazda2. In fact, this feature can save format Compact Disk up to six of your favorite fruit. So just switch it, without have to bother with a physical compact disc.