Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lotus New Elise SCMT 2011

Elise Gone Wild, and now, she 's got a new plastic surgey?.

New Elise Stay Beautiful.
She must be beautiful even without makeup. Of all the sports car, there's nothing like the Elise. 1.796 cc engine capacity only coded endorsement Toyota 2ZZ-GE. Same with the kitchen's runway Celica SS-II. But the engine added a supercharger and the results Elise has a power of 218 HP is achieved at 8.000 engine speed with maximum torque of 211 Nm at 5.000 RPM.

New Elise is a true sports car, with a minimal element of comfort.
How difficult it into the cabin minimalist, the characters are stiff suspension, seated driving position is very low and no redundant safety features. Only the skill pengemudilah which plays a role.

Both models adopt the bucket seats.
Yup bucket. Surely no reclining feature, only back and forth. Not equipped with a tiny steering wheel tilt and telescopic. The position of the foot while driving, you could say almost straight to the deck.

Clutch pedal feels quite heavy when stepped on.
But it's so energy can be channeled properly to the rear wheels. Super charger on a new full-up engine rev 4.000. And New Elise is still comfortable to use on the condition of stop and go in the city.

Is a sensation when he heard the engine screaming up to 9.000 RPM.
Comparison with the direction of wheel rotation turns the wheel, can be said to have a ratio of almost 1:1. For the first time tried to Elise, may feel a bit strange with this composition.
In effect, the Elise can quickly respond to changes in the desired path.

Center of Gravity Low.
Creating a fairly good handling and stability. Whereas the center of gravity like this, would be more comfortable if the character is not too stiff suspension. But New Elise Elise New fixed. And at his age are more mature, she looks more beautiful and tempting.